Customer Testimonials

Annie's has been a staple in the Sturbridge area for many years and has earned its place as one of the best spots in town for a casual, home cooked meal. The food has a diner feel that locals and tourists alike love. Breakfast is a must try, and lunch and dinner never get old with different daily specials to try every time you stop in.

Annie's is also great for catering those events where good, quality home cooking is desired, without the hassle of cooking.

Nick D., Sturbridge, Ma

I have and will wait in line to have breakfast here. Annie's is a breakfast gem that pleases my whole family. It can be a decadent or healthy and still delicious. The menu specials change often, and reading them will make you excited to sit down and order. The waitresses are sweethearts - dedicated to their patrons and with great attitudes.

Melly W., Manchester, CT

I have been a HUGE fan of Annie's Country Kitchen for years and have been going there for as long as I can remember it being open. They always have an exceptional variety of specials from omlettes, pancakes to muffins!

I would recommend trying just about anything on the menu. The only con is that there is almost always a wait and there is limited seating for while you wait. I usually take my buzzer to my car and wait there for it to go off and tell me that my table is ready. Other than that they have some of the best eats when it comes to breakfast in Sturbridge

Kim B., Worcester, MA

Found this cozy little place for breakfast not far off the interstate. Friendly staff and they were attentive. Menu was not over loaded, also check out their specials on the chalk board. I got a sausage egg and cheese on a toasted muffin with a side of hash brown. Sandwich was perfectly done. Hash brown contain chunks of potato and well-seasoned and not greasy. Their blueberry pancake was HUGE! It almost filled up the entire plate.

Eddie D., Rockville, MD

Annie's has to be one of the best breakfast places in Worcester County. It's good to know that places local like this exist. Locals and Tourists alike should probably try out Annie's. Good food and good drink is their philosophy. Homestyle goodness! It can be a little hard to locate in their little shack-like building, but it sure is hidden treasure inside when it comes to breakfast.

Spenser O., Worcester, MA

Yes 5 stars. I remember driving around RTP in NC looking for a breakfast joint before the age of Yelp, smartphones and GPS. We asked a few people and they said "There is a McDonalds over there" or "There is a Burger King over here" That was their idea of a breakfast place! Well this is why I can appreciate Annie's Country Kitchen. It is a classic American breakfast joint. How about a 4 egg omelet? An English muffin grilled, instead of toasted? Yes please. Locals sitting around a table discussing the news of the day; hardworking friendly waitresses; and low prices. I was expecting to see Norman Rockwell in here painting a picture. Go there.

Dan W., Commack, NY

Just went here for breakfast last weekend and was happy with the delicious meal. My fiance had apple crisp french toast which was DELICIOUS (it was a special so they might not have it all the time). I had blueberry pancakes which were also yummy. We will be back!

Katie P., Glenview, IL